My Inspiration

Aaron, my husband who lovingly endures listening to all my ideas and gives his input. He is a better husband that I ever imagined. And he’s a good writer too, maybe I’ll get him to write an article one day.

Jaxon, our first baby boy. His gentleness and meekness has already taught me so much about life and myself. He is such a happy boy, full of energy and life. He makes me smile every day.

Jeremy, our second baby boy. He is such an easy baby. I’m so thankful for that because taking care of a toddler and baby is hard work. He’s my chunky, smiley boy. And a lot of people say he looks like me…maybe it’s the double chin. :p

My mom, my role model parent. She is always so patient and understanding. I admire her in so many ways.

Also my other family members, friends, pastors, and mentors are my inspiration to think and write.


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