A New Outlook

I see a little person who is full of life and curiousity. I see someone who is full of energy. I see someone who is entertaining himself the best way he can in the given situation.

I see someone who needs my help to get through the tough moments in life. I see a person who expresses his feeings the best way he knows how. I see someone who is open and honest.

I see someone who loves his brother and is trying his best to communicate and connect. I see someone who has an idea or plan that he doesn’t want to be interrupted.

As I focus on this perspective, I don’t see the attitudes and naughtiness I used to see. I don’t see the manipulation and disrespect. I don’t see the “fit” so much.

I see a wonderful little person who is always doing the best he can. I see communication and I see needs I can meet. I see love and a desire to do what is right. I see goodness and a beauty I might miss if I was focused on his mistakes.

I see him learning. And that is all I expect of him and all that I expect of myself…that we keep learning. We are growing and changing. We are not perfect, but I will extend him grace in the process. I will view him as the wonderful little person he is.


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