Hitting Is Not Loving

The “loving spanking” is an oxymoron. The idea that one can purposely cause someone else pain in a loving way just doesn’t make sense. When I see someone hit another person I know intrinsically that it is not a loving act and I cringe. When I see someone get hit I can relate to the physical and emotional pain that it causes.

What is the difference between an adult hitting another adult and an adult hitting a child? We are all humans. The age difference and size difference and vulnerability of a child doesn’t make the act any better. The spanking “method” doesn’t change a hit into an act of love. Even the best intentions of a parent don’t lessen the effects of a spanking on a child. It is confusing when the very person that a child runs to for safety from danger also becomes the source of pain.

It is deception that says if you love your child you will spank them. It is false doctrine that teaches parents that they should spank their children to teach them right from wrong. It is fear and stress and hurts that drive parents to continue the cycle of spanking.

A spanking is a hit. A hit is an act of violence. Violence leads to more violence. And the opposite of all these things is love.

It’s love that drives out the fear. Love brings honor and respect. Love is patient and kind and gentle. You can’t go wrong when you meet a child’s misbehavior with love. Not “tough love” or a “loving spanking”. But true, understanding, compassionate love. That kind of love will make this world a better place.


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