You are valued. God considers you worth the price He paid. You were worth creating. You were worth dying for. You are worth listening to. You are worth teaching and correcting and guiding.

God considered you valuable before you could ever prove your worth. He decided you were worth it before you could even choose right or wrong. And even if you choose to do everything wrong, He will not regret His sacrifice but continue to call your name. And if you ever turn to Him for help, He will welcome you with open arms.

He loves you unconditionally. You are valued because God decided you were. God decided you were worth his time and love and patience. And even if you never acknowledge that, He thought you were worth it enough to make choosing Him an option.

I extend this same unconditional love to my children. I have decided that they are valuable and worth any sacrifice I might make. They are worth the morning sickness in pregnancy. They are worth the labor pains. They are worth my work and time. They are worth listening to. They are worth teaching and guiding and correcting.

They are worth all I have given a million times over. They are worth it if they are wonderful giving adults or if they become criminals. They are worth it if they “pay me back” somehow, or if they continue to need me greatly all my life. They are worth it whether their lives are long or short. They are worth it because I say so and I love them unconditionally. They are worth it to me.

They are worth my gentle voice and self control. They are worth giving my attention when they ask. They are worth every moment I choose to be kind and good and loving no matter how hard it may be. They are worth every missed concert and event. They are worth every mess I clean. They are worth every sleepless night.

My children will always be worth any sacrifice I could make just like God decided I was worth His great sacrifice.


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