Redefining “Me Time”

This was just for fun. I’m trying to get back into writing poems. And I’m tired and everything is hilarious.

Redefining “me time”

Every mom has needs too

But meeting them seems hard to do

With all the other needs around

Alone time for moms cannot always be found

But “me time” doesn’t have to be alone

Before the little ones are grown

Needs can be met in creative ways

Even on very hectic days

Just find something you like to do

To refresh you and to pull you through

To help you out I’ll name a few…

A quiet craft and a cup of tea

A warm bath with toddler company

A walk or a phone call that’s not too long

Or listening to your favorite song

Learning something you wanted to know

Going somewhere you wanted to go

Swimming, hiking, whatever you like

Modify it for your little tike

It’s not always easy but do what you can

To meet your needs and those of your klan

All it takes is a thought-out plan


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