A Day Begins

I woke up to my husband saying, “no, Jaxon, don’t throw it!” My darling toddler was on my side of the bed about to throw a large ball at his sleepy family. He resisted the urge now that we were all awake. I was up. And so my day had begun…

My husband started to get ready for work and I lifted baby Jeremy from the bed and brought him into the living room and changed his diaper. I changed Jaxon’s diaper. I set the baby up with toys on the floor. I made juice with the toddler and set him up in his high chair with some diluted grape juice. I got dressed. I came back into the living room to check on Jeremy. He had pooped and stained his onesie as well as the carpet. I cleaned him up and changed his clothes. I cleaned the poop stains off the carpet and washed my hands. I cut up an apple and gave Jaxon some. I fixed him a bowl of cereal. I started to make my own breakfast (egg sandwich) while holding the baby. The toddler didn’t want an apple. He wanted a peach. Sorry, buddy, no peaches today. An equal amount of the cereal he ate made it to the floor. He was done. I said bye to my husband, Aaron, as he was leaving for work.

I set the baby down. I wiped and swept the floor. I took Jaxon out of his high chair. I finished making my sandwich. I ate my breakfast in the living room to supervise the boys and keep them safe. I picked up the baby and went into the bathroom to fix my hair and put on a little makeup. Jaxon followed. He pretended to floss his teeth and then found a lid to the bubble container. (Don’t ask.) I opened the door to our porch so he could put the lid where it belonged.

Okay, my foundation was on and my hair was decent. I glanced out of the bathroom as Jaxon picked up the knife from the table I had used to cut the apple. Oops. My fault. “Jaxon, let’s put that knife in the sink.” We cleared the table. I went back in the bathroom and put on my eye liner. Boom! I recognized the sound of the trash can being knocked over. You know that stuff I just cleaned off the floor? Yep, back on the floor plus a lot more. Jaxon and I cleaned up the mess. I put on a little blush. Jaxon came into the bathroom and opened the potty. Well, that was enough make up for today. Why do I even wear makeup?

We left the bathroom. I got the toddler dressed. Well, partially. I breastfed the baby. I fed our pet birds with much help from Jaxon and no birdseed spills. I even managed a short toddler tantrum!

All of this took place in one hour. You heard me. ONE hour. Just one. One hour from opening my eyes. Not a minute more.

This is not a bad morning. This is my usual morning. This was a great morning, actually. This was a morning I met all of our needs, kept everyone safe, AND kept my cool while doing it.

So, what does the first hour of your day look like?


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