Five Reasons I Want More Children

I have two children; the number of children that many people stop at. Most of my friends’ goal is to have two kids total and maybe three. That’s it. Their children have a sibling and so mom’s childbearing days are done. I’m not done. I can’t imagine being done. The thought of my seven month old one day sleeping in his own bed away from me is saddening. Here are five reasons I want more children.

1. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. This might seem like a good reason to NOT have more, but I see it differently. What if by some tragedy my current two children died and I had no one in my old age to visit me. Or what if one died and the other didn’t have the support of another sibling. Even my husband’s life is not guaranteed, if he died tomorrow and I then discovered I was pregnant, I would be overjoyed to have one more child to remember my husband by.

2. The next child could be a great thinker, pastor, evangelist, writer, or inventor. How could I deprive the world of such a great person? How could I know what my third or fourth or fifth will become? Maybe they will save thousands! After all, most babies become adults one day. What if some of our great leaders had never been born?

3. I want to be surrounded with children until I die. Children brighten my mood and bring energy to my heart. Children are fun and full of life. I want children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to be a big part of my life, especially when I am much older. The best way to insure that I have grandchildren is to have more children now.

4. Riches are temporary, children are eternal. Children cost some money. They eat, drink, need clothes and shelter. But how could I desire a more comfortable life for myself over giving the gift of life to my child? I believe children are much more valuable than anything else I could spend time and money on.

5. Working hard makes me stronger. Raising my children, learning patience and self-control and other virtues is hard. But anytime I work hard at something, I am learning and growing. I’m becoming a better person. If having more children means I become stronger, bring it on.


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