To be able to cry is a beautiful gift. I mean a true and deep cry that goes beyond what is generally accepted in public. I mean a cry that expresses those buried wounds. That is where healing is found. What a miracle it is that we can heal ourselves emotionally by just allowing a great cry!

It’s hard to find someone to whom you can truly cry. Crying is quite uncomfortable for most people to witness. I feel uncomfortable when someone cries in front of me. These thoughts go through my head:

“Did I make them cry? Should I say something? Should I be quiet and act like this is normal? Should I give them some space and time or a hug? What should I do!?”

I think the reason I feel uncomfortable when people cry might be because I have my own hurts inside that need to be released with a good cry. Maybe I didn’t have an ear I could trust in a moment I needed to cry so I held it in a while longer. And that little while turned into a long while and now I don’t even know what I needed to cry about.

Maybe when I needed to cry it wasn’t received with a firm hug and a “do you want to talk about it?”. Maybe I didn’t feel safe to cry. Maybe I was afraid someone would tell me I shouldn’t be crying.

But what if I was okay with crying when needed? And what if more people were comfortable with being around someone who is crying? What if I could be strong for you and you could be strong for me? It might be a good thing. For then all the crying could be done and then great happiness would ensue!

Isn’t it true that the greatest times of inner peace and true happiness are after the hardest cries? Likewise, the most beautiful skies are seen after great storms.

Crying is a precious gift. If someone feels safe enough to cry to you, receive it with open arms.


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