I Won’t Regret Love

The future is uncertain. My life could end at any moment. With that in mind, it is easier to see what really matters the most in life.

I won’t regret smiling, or laughing, or crying. I won’t regret seeing beautiful sights and loved faces. I won’t regret feeling the wind, or smelling flowers.

I might regret a hurtful word, or grudge, or rash decision. I might regret causing anyone any pain of any kind.

I won’t regret giving or sacrificing for someone’s benefit. I won’t regret speaking kindly. I won’t regret a hug.

I might regret wasted time. I might regret unfinished goals. But I know for sure I will never regret love.

When everything is over, and nothing really matters anymore, love will still matter. I won’t regret doing anything that is truly loving.


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