Those Tough Questions

Why do I try to prevent getting pregnant sometimes even though I am married and healthy? Are my priorities right? If I “accidentally” got pregnant, wouldn’t I love that baby too? Aren’t the reasons I would avoid pregnancy similar to the reasons some people have abortions? Am I motivated by fear? Is it unwise or irresponsible to have lots of kids? What would my life be like if I chose not to have this little one?

IMG_4034What did God intend as far as reproduction goes? Do I see children the way God sees them? Did he make a faulty system that creates too many babies so we have to take control? Will I run out of love or time if I have too many kids? How many kids is too many? What would happen if I stopped worrying about it and just got pregnant whenever? Is that leaving it up to God or leaving it up to chance? Would I regret it? How will I feel about this when I’m 30 or 60 or 90 years old? If I would do anything for my kids that are already born and I would be pregnant all over again for them, wouldn’t I do anything for my possible future children?

What are your thoughts on this topic?


3 thoughts on “Those Tough Questions

  1. These are excellent questions, melting mom! Good probing of motives and the plan of God. I have long maintained that people have babies sometimes for the wrong reasons. But it’s like getting married…you may get married for the wrong reasons (and people use that as a reason to get out), but if you are committed to God and stay in it, no matter what the wrong reasons were, you will stay for the right reasons! Wrong motives can turn into the right ones!

    Have you ever considered Jeremiah in the OT, whom God told to not marry and not have children in the land they were in? That would seem to go against God’s plan to populate the earth. What are your husband’s feelings on this topic? Seems to me you are not in this alone. But I think you are asking great questions that God will answer over time.

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  2. My husband and I didn’t get to have children (we both had been married before and no children), even though the desire of my heart was to marry and have a family. At the age of 40, God healed my heart of the grief about it. I have seen so many wives pretty much raising their children alone, even when married, because the father is uninvolved for the most part. I never wanted that, so perhaps it was for the best. However, God is so good, he gave me 3 great nieces and a great nephew whom I love with all of my heart. Their mothers brought them to me when they were babies, so God has filled my need to a degree and I am grateful.

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  3. It does seem to me that one would seek the will of God in answer to your questions. There are people God has planned to bring to the earth! I once heard a story about Mary the mother of Jesus, that the young Jewish women, knowing the scriptures about a Messiah who was to come, all wished to be chosen to be His mother! Since we have killed 54 million people in this country through abortion, I wonder how many of those would have done spectacular things for our world, like cure diseases, etc., run for office, etc. Who does God want to bring into the world?

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