Those Tough Questions

Why do I try to prevent getting pregnant sometimes even though I am married and healthy? Are my priorities right? If I “accidentally” got pregnant, wouldn’t I love that baby too? Aren’t the reasons I would avoid pregnancy similar to the reasons some people have abortions? Am I motivated by fear? Is it unwise or irresponsible to have lots of kids? What would my life be like if I chose not to have this little one?

IMG_4034What did God intend as far as reproduction goes? Do I see children the way God sees them? Did he make a faulty system that creates too many babies so we have to take control? Will I run out of love or time if I have too many kids? How many kids is too many? What would happen if I stopped worrying about it and just got pregnant whenever? Is that leaving it up to God or leaving it up to chance? Would I regret it? How will I feel about this when I’m 30 or 60 or 90 years old? If I would do anything for my kids that are already born and I would be pregnant all over again for them, wouldn’t I do anything for my possible future children?

What are your thoughts on this topic?