When You Are Upset

I have learned a lot of good lessons in my first two years of marriage. Recently, I learned what to do when my husband is in a bad mood!

He’s not much of a morning person anyways but one day he really woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Everything was just not going his way. He was stressed about a few different things and running late for work and just upset and grumpy all the way around.

Wishing it was a happier morning, I started thinking of what could have made it better. I almost told him about how he should’ve jumped out of bed earlier. I almost told him he should not have spent the last ten minutes working on something that could’ve waited until his lunch break. I almost told him to kind of get over it and cheer up. But I took a different approach this time.

Instead, I just listened. I decided to try to relate as well as I could to his stresses. I helped him pack his lunch. I was calm and I was there for him.

When he came back home that evening, he thanked me for how sweet I was even though he had been so grumpy. He said it made his day so much better because I just listened. I had finally figured out how to respond when he is feeling down!

Everyone wants to be heard and understood no matter how old or young they are. Whenever I am upset, I don’t want to hear what I should have done or what I need to do to fix my problem. If you tell me I’m overreacting I might get even more upset. Don’t you dare tell me to calm down! The only thing that really helps is being understanding and just listening.

To my sweet husband and little boys: When you are sad or grumpy, I won’t give advice unless you ask. I will be as understanding as I can of how you are feeling. I won’t tell you to be quiet or to calm down. I’ll be there for you every time. When you are upset, I will just listen.