I stepped into your room last night after you were asleep. I watched you breathe. I kissed your forehead gently. You slept so soundly that it did not disturb you.

In that moment, I was so overwhelmed by love for you that a few of my tears thumped your pillow. You are so small yet you have grown so much. I’ve done some things right and I’ve made mistakes. I’ve learned from you. I admire you.

I wished you could hear the depth of my thoughts. The thoughts that don’t have words. It’s the realization that you mean so much to me. The realization that you are changing from a baby into a young boy. The realization that, in some ways, I’m still a child like you and have no idea how I will raise you.

You are so precious. While I stared at you I wished that my feelings could be silently transferred to your motionless frame. I wished you could be aware of all my love for you and feel it.

I watched you while you slept last night. You were beautiful. You were everything good and wonderful.


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