Fighting and Accepting my Baby Weight

I look a lot different than the newly married and 105 lbs. me. That was before making two babies. Sometimes I don’t like my jiggly tummy and extra weight I’m holding onto. My first baby made my belly button off centered and second baby didn’t help. I have to carefully pick clothes to avoid making the tummy skin hang out. I feel self conscious about it sometimes. I know it will get better because I’m active and I eat right. I read helpful articles like this one and work on my transverse muscle tone.

Lose your Mummy Tummy and Why Crunches are Bad for You

But in the mean time, I need to accept that this is my new body and it’s great. This body is amazing because it gets me where I need to go, it produced two babies, and it functions well enough that I can tend to those babies!

Jaxon has a belly. It’s just a baby belly instead of a stretched out mommy belly. He never tries to hold it in. I watched him the other day as he stood in front of the tv letting that belly hang out. It’s adorable. He doesn’t care. He just lives and eats and plays.

I should learn to be more like my baby boy. I want to be more carefree about my shape. Maybe this baby weight is kind of cute. Maybe my stretch marks are like mommy tattoos that can remind me of this season years later.



One thought on “Fighting and Accepting my Baby Weight

  1. Our world, society and culture tries to define all of us by how we look. But God looks on the heart. It is good to keep our temple “looking good”! But people’s bodies do change all through life. I’m not sure how much we can do about it. I like your statement about your little boy, how carefree he is….I believe God would have us be carefree like a child, eh?

    Your friend,

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